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1.  Updated July 2016

1. Kay Smith Introduces Gurdjieff and His Search for Awakening

Learn about G. I. Gurdjieff and his Search for Awakening and his legacy.
2. Are You Caught in the Matrix?

Learn how Esoteric Schools have influenced man throughout the ages, attempting to provide an escape from being caught in the Matrix.
3. Tarot Secrets Revealed

Learn about one of the oldest tools used in Esoteric Schools – the Tarot.
4. Wisdom Through Action – Host Kay Smith on Esoteric Schools

Learn about Esotericism Today as taught in a contemporary School and P.D. Ouspensky & Maurice Nicoll, cornerstones of the Fourth Way
5. How is Your Life Affecting Your Soul

Learn about some of the lines of work studied in a Fourth Way School, whether you are a lover of gain, honor or wisdom and how what you are doing is impacting the development of your soul
6. Are you Being True to Your Essence Type?        

Nine-tenths of the problems of ordinary psychology, and even more of the plots of literature, poetry, drama and legend depend upon the interplay of human types, that is, the interplay of different types of essence.
7. Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff's Sacred Dances

Sacred dances and movements in series have always been one of the vital subjects taught in esoteric schools. They have a double aim: to convey a certain kind of knowledge and to be a means for acquiring a harmonious state of being.
8. Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff’s Teaching on Immortality
and Man’s Place in the Universe

In many ways, man is analogous to the universe. The same laws operate in him and we can understand some of the laws more easily by studying man and understand other laws by studying the universe. Today’s show explores Gurdjieff’s teaching on man’s immortality and his place in the universe.
9. Kay Smith Introduces Gurdjieff's Escape from the Law of Accident

Learn about Gurdjieff’s law of accident, ways to escape and how to have some control over all that is impacting your life.
10. Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff’s Law of 3

For good or for ill, life and nature are governed by laws that we can’t change. However, if you begin to understand Gurdjieff’s Law of 3 and its implications, you will see what you can have control over.
11. Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff’s Law of Octaves

Have you ever wondered why there are no straight lines in nature? When one studies the Law of Octave and learns to apply it to life, a great change takes place, in both understanding and being.
12. Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff’s Food Factory, Part 1

The Work refers to mechanical man as a machine. In order to go from machine to a real man or woman requires a great deal of increase in ones understanding. Watch to learn more about Gurdjieff’s concept of our machine being a food factory.
13. Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff’s Food Factory, Part 2

Watch to learn more about Gurdjieff’s teaching that our body or machine can be studied as a food factory and that in order to develop into a conscious man or woman, the introduction of the first conscious shock (self-remembering) and then the second conscious shock (transmutation of negative emotions) are key elements in the process.
 14. Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff’s Table of Hydrogens and 9 Influences Constantly at Play.

Today’s show is going to increase your understanding of Gurdjieff’s Table of Hydrogens as well as the 9 influences that are constantly at play in our lives. We will also be discussing ways to verify and respond to these influences.
15. Kay Smith presents Understanding the Chemistry of the Work of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky

Today’s show will investigate the Chemistry of the Work of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. The Work teaches us that there are many obstacles to awakening in our life, however they are not insurmountable.

Today’s show is an in depth examination of one of the most mechanical parts of our being, called by Gurdjieff 'The Formatory Apparatus"
17. Kay Smith Presents the Esoteric Systems of YOGA of antiquity.

With today’s show, you will learn about ancient schools of Yoga, not the Yoga we know now in contemporary countries but the original and esoteric schools of Yoga of the East and of antiquity.
  18. Point-Line-Solid

Imagine a consciousness that is not bound by the condition of sensuous receptivity. Such a consciousness can rise above the plane upon which we are moving; it can see far beyond the limits of the circle enlightened by our usual consciousness; it can see that not only does the line upon which we are moving exist, but also all lines perpendicular to it which we are intersecting, which we have ever intersected and which we shall intersect. After rising above the plane this consciousness can see the plane, can convince itself that it is really a plane, and not a single line. Then it can see the past and the future, lying together and existing simultaneously.
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